7 Things Your Lawyer Needs to Know about Your Child Custody Case

A child custody is a crucial yet emotionally challenging issue for many parents. Even a small mistake can make a parent lose their custodian rights. Thus, you must hire a well-versed, qualified family lawyer if your child’s custody is at stake. You must prepare ahead in time for your appointment with a child custody attorney as they need accurate and detailed information to understand your case thoroughly. The more they are familiar with your case, the better they can help you with your matter. Here are X important things your lawyer must know about your child custody case:

1.   Your Child’s complete name, birthdate, nickname, present address, and educational details

As the purpose of a custody case is to determine who cares for the child at issue and how, an attorney requires as much information about the child as possible. Your lawyer uses this detailed information to determine the nature of investigation to perform and find the best approach to take with the Court to support your case, while the court uses the information to determine who cares for the child.

2.   Information about the other parent or caretaker

In order to establish your case, your attorney will have to know about the other parent, their locations where they can be served, their marital status, and whether and where they work as it can have impact on the visitation schedule. The lawyer should also know whether the other parent is living with other children and/or another adult. The type of work and the nature of relationships the other parent has can also impact the custody type the Court could award.

3.   History of Domestic Violence

As domestic violence can significantly affect a child, the Court is obliged to ensure that the custody arrangements between the parents protects the child from harm. Let your lawyer know if you or your child have been victims of domestic violence, or you have ever been charged with domestic violence.

4.   Addresses for locations where the child lived over the past five years

Your attorney has to report all these addresses in an initial complaint for the case, they also use this information build a case that supports your custody interest. If the child has frequently moved within the last five years, this can demonstrate a lack of stability as well as an effort to arrange security and stability for the child.

5.   Information related to other cases involving the child

As the Court tends to combine the other cases involving the child where possible mostly for the sake of efficiency, you must let your lawyer know about all such. Since any child support cases, abuse and neglect cases, or juvenile delinquency cases can demonstrate different needs to the Court the child may have, the information about other cases allows your lawyer to tailor the arguments on your behalf.

6.   Whether Child Support Have Been Ordered

The earlier child support orders usually become a reason parents seek to renegotiate child custody. Information about such orders helps your lawyer determine if it would be advantageous to your child, whether you are the present custodial parent or you are not already receiving it.


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