Can court suspend my license for reckless driving?

Getting a ticket for reckless driving in Virginia is equal to committing any other minor or major criminal offence. As it is made clear by the Virginia law that all the reckless driving cases are considered as criminal offences and dealt accordingly, therefore, it is important for a driver in Virginia to understand the reckless driving clauses and its possible consequences. The reckless drivers are subject to heavy fines, imprisonment or the court can even cancel their driving license. Even If you are from a different state and driving through Virginia, you should still be careful as the court has complete right of giving you a reckless driving ticket. The charged individuals, irrespective of their current state, will be penalized depending on their driving history and severity of their case. The judges of Virginia court can cancel their driving license if they found the case a major one.

The Virginia court normally penalizes the reckless driving individuals with three punishments:

  • Heavy fines
  • Suspension of driving license
  • Imprisonment

Imagine you have a car but you lock it back in your garage, how would you do all your necessary transportation? What mode of transportation will you use for your work or for dropping your children to schools? Similar questions will blog your mind if you are charged with a reckless driving ticket. You can consider yourself lucky if your reckless driving case is a minor one and you can get through it by paying a heavy fine.  Else you may face the worst, either imprisonment with fine or suspension of your driving license. Either way, both will land you in hot waters as the Virginia courts follow their code 46.2-392, which states that the court has right to suspend the driving license of a convicted reckless driver for a period of  10 days to 6 months.

However, there are certain situations in which the court will take such strict actions of suspending an individual’s license along with monetary penalties. These situations include the following scenarios:

  1. The Court can suspend your driving license if you are found driving at or above the speed of 90 mph
  2. The Court can suspend your driving license if you are convicted of committing a Serious Accident due to your reckless driving
  3. The Court can suspend your driving license if you have a poor record of Driving.
  4. The Court can suspend your driving license if you are found convicted of being involved in Racing: the individuals involved in racing can get their license suspended for a period of 6 months to two years.

Therefore, if your license is suspended by the court for reckless driving, you need to hand it over to the department of a motor vehicle in Virginia. You can take it back, once your suspension period is over after meeting all the necessary conditions placed by the court. The conditions normally placed by the courts are:

  1. A drug or alcoholic test in case the driver was convicted of reckless driving due to alcohol consumption
  2. An evidence of paid charges if applicable
  3. Evidence of Car insurance

Apart from the conditions of the court for getting the license back after completing the days of suspension, the individual even has to repay the instatement fees to the department of a motor vehicle in Virginia. DMV decides the reinstatement fees according to individual’s situation.