Challenges Faced by parents while Filing for Custody in Virginia

Child custody is control, looking after and taking care of the child who is awarded to any parents in case of separation. The child custody is divided into two significant forms that include legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody refers to legal right to make the decision for child regarding his education, health and welfare that can be either granting to a single parent or both parents. Physical custody refers to where the child spends his time. This form of custody is granted to only one parent while the other one has visiting rights or shared physical custody given to parents in Virginia. Taking child custody is a complicated process for parents as it contains specific criteria for granting legal custody of the child to parent. While taking child custody several Challenges faced by parents while filing for custody in Virginia.

In most of the conditions of custody, Virginia law has provided right for making a major decision to biological parents, which are involved in nurturing child such as religion, providing a home, healthcare, education and self-development of the child. Usually, married couples whose names are included in the birth certificate of the child are not required to obtain legal rights for making a decision concerning child life until there is disagreement among both parents in making decisions about the child. Additionally, legal intervention included for making a decision if government official evaluated parents as unfit then the family court in Virginia intervene to recognize child custody. Challenges Faced by parents while Filing for Custody in Virginia any form of separation between parents. The main consideration of court is to award custody to the parent with whom child spent most of his time. The court considers changing custody award until the child comes to an age and variation in any other circumstances of parents. The court has provided flexibility in the decision for overcoming the impact of any poor decision. Another challenge faced by parents is only to have visiting rights or shared custody in which parents are allowed to visit their child on specific time date and day. The law of custody in Virginia has several exceptions after granting custody to parents. As custodial parents share legal custody jointly with another parent on custodial. In this regard, custodial parents require notifying a noncustodial parent before making any important decision for a child such as healthcare, education and other major concerns. In certain situation, the legal authorities allow temporary custody to noncustodial parents for visiting with the provision of complete schedule. Moreover, the court specified a certain situation that enables noncustodial parents for visiting child. The court of Virginia has not developed any restriction regarding custody cases as it evolves based on the different situation of the case. The custody decision of judges is based on the future development of the child, and few guidelines are provided to for attaining certain objectives that define the best interest of the child. Moreover, another significant challenge is social issues that are also affecting court decision for making a custody decision.