Do misdemeanor sex offenders in Virginia have to register

Virginia’s Sex Offender and Crimes against Minors Registry registers and keeps itself up to date with all the guilty offenders that have been involved in a crime against children. The purpose is to keep all the offender’s information available to the general public as a warning about these sex offenders.

Who is obligatory to get themselves registered in Virginia?

If the sex offender has committed any of the following crimes below, it will be required to get itself registered in Virginia’s crime registry.

  • Rape
  • Aggressive sodomy
  • sexual battery
  • sexual assault with a sufferer under 13 years of age
  • child pornography
  • any involvement in child pornography
  • object sexual penetration

How should sex offenders in Virginia get themselves register?

The Virginia Code has a thorough detail on the process of registration for sex offenders. Anyone found guilty will have three days to get themselves registered after being freed from jail. The offender will give their residential address to the police. The police will forward that data to Virginia State Police. They will update the statewide registry accordingly.

The state of Virginia needs the offenders to give all of the required data in the Registries database. The information that is required will be the offender’s name, its address, a photograph, fingerprints, and DNA sample.

Time to renew the registration

The sex offenders will have to get themselves re-registered every year. If the offender’s neglect to get registered or give any wrong information, it may result in increased fine or jail time.

The offenders have to keep in mind that if any changes happen like their address changes or they start a new job, they will have to inform the police so the offender’s records can be updated.

What will be the penalties for sex offenders if they fail to register?

The state of Virginia states that if any sex offenders who do not register itself, it could be sentenced for a felony hearing.

If any sex offender does not register or offers wrong information, it will fall under Class 1 misdemeanor. This means that it is the offender’s first sentence and that the crime is a less of a violent sex crime. The fine that will be paid is around $2,500, and the offender will have to serve around a year in prison.

If the non-violent sex crime offender commits the crime for the second time, it will be taken as a Class 6 felony. The offender will have to serve from one to around five years jail time. Not only that, but pay $2,500. The judge also has the authority to verdict jail time of less than a year.

Those sex offenders that have been given the verdict of either committing a murder or being a violent sex offender will be classified as Class 6 felony, if they fail to register for the first time. It will be taken as Class 5 felony is the sex offender performs the same crime, it will have to serve from one to around ten years of jail time along with a fine of $2,500.