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In Massachusetts, assault & battery is generally when one person touches or attempts to touch another without consent of the person being touched or acting in a threatening manner, thereby causing another to be in fear of immediate harm.

In the past, assault was different from battery. Assault was the threat of an unwanted touching. Battery was the actual touching. Now Massachusetts does not distinguish between the terms and the term assault & battery is used interchangeably.

Domestic violence is a form of assault and battery in Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts, domestic violence is the assault & battery on a household member or family by another household member.

In the past, domestic violence was not paid a lot of attention to by the justice system in Massachusetts. Society viewed it as a family matter and deemed that the parties would resolve their differences without third party intervention. In the recent past, society’s attitude has changed towards domestic violence. The Massachusetts courts now treat domestic violence very seriously. The family member, who is usually the spouse in Massachusetts can no longer have the charges dropped by telling the prosecutor or the court that they do not wish the family member charged to be prosecuted. Once the police are called, usually the matter of whether the family member is prosecuted is no longer up to the alleged victim.

A number of factors will determine the punishment of the person who is convicted of domestic violence in Massachusetts. Some of the factors are the severity of the victim injuries, whether a minor was present (and even worse, if the minor saw the domestic violence or was a victim of the domestic violence) and lastly whether this is the first time the person has been convicted of domestic violence.

In a number of states such as Massachusetts, a third or subsequent offense of domestic violence can result with being convicted of a felony.
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