Drastic weight loss can reverse diabetes, study shows

Unfortunately, Type 2 diabetes is a common lifelong disease that has affected millions of people worldwide. The only remedy is to treat it using the prescribed medicines to keep the patient’s sugar levels in control. Most patients believe that the only way to deal with diabetes is by living on the doctor’s prescription for the rest of their life.

Recently, Lancet published a paper that stated a study showing that a cure for diabetes can be through weight loss. “Time” reported that the researchers in the UK made the discovery that those Type 2 diabetics who lost weight, had a period of temporary recovery.

The study was undertaken by making half the patients, between the ages of 20 and 65, follow a strict 6-month diet and not the other half. Results showed that the group that followed the 6-month diet plan lost not only 30 pounds altogether, but also were no longer diabetic. None of them had taken their diabetic prescriptions during the course of this study.

The 6-month diet plan was planned down to the T. A liquid diet intake had to be taken for three to five months. The diet provided around 850 calories per day. The next two months, patients could get back to eating solid diet food. Cognitive behavioral therapy and nutritional food education were also offered to these patients.

The experiment showed that those who lost more than 30 pounds, 86 % of those were no longer diabetic after a year. 73% of those who lost around 20 pounds were found to be free of diabetes after a year.

The purpose of this study was to emphasize the fact that there is hope for Type 2 diabetic patients. They can win the battle of defeating diabetes with some resolution and perseverance. It should also be noted that treatment of diabetes by weight loss can only work if pursued during the early years of Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Those patients that have been battling the disease for more than 10 years have already lost a lot of their weight and cells. Therefore, the weight loss treatment will not be effective for them.

Type 2 diabetic patients can take the road to recovery by following their weight loss regime. With proper exercise and a healthy diet, patients will no longer need their insulin or any other diabetic medications.

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