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Burglary Charges In Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, burglary is usually defined as a crime of theft, typically involving intentionally breaking into a house, building or other structure (such as a motor vehicle, boat, or aircraft) to commit a felony.

Burglary is also known as “breaking and entering”.

Lawful break-in of property is permitted in Massachusetts. For instance, breaking into a home to save life and limb would not be considered a crime, nor would lawfully evicting tenants or constitutional searches and seizures by police.

Under statute, it stands to reason that a person cannot usually be convicted of burglary if the building or structure and property therein belongs to them.

Theft, Trespassing and Burglary

In Massachusetts, theft is not absolutely required to be convicted of burglary.

Trespassing, or unlawfully entering a building or automobile with the intent to commit any felony can constitute a burglary.

In fact, a person may also be convicted of burglary in crimes such as identity theft or violating another’s civil rights. The theft may be intangible, but it can be a felony nonetheless.

In Massachusetts, the act of burglary is separate from any actual theft involved with the offense. Thus, if the defendant’s actions of entering a building are not considered a felony, any subsequent theft may be classified under a lesser charge – such as a misdemeanor petit larceny. It’s in situations like these a skilled and savvy Massachusetts criminal defense attorney may well spell the difference between probation and serving serious jail time.

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