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Massachusetts Criminal Appellate Attorneys

The SRIS Law Group, P.C. has a number of excellent Massachusetts criminal appellate attorneys. Our Massachusetts criminal appeal attorneys can provide you with appellate representation before the Massachusetts Courts of Appeals & Supreme Courts in Massachusetts and the Federal Courts. We also handle misdemeanor appeals from the district courts of Massachusetts.

A criminal appeal is filed in Massachusetts when someone has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.

The justice system is not perfect. Even judges & juries can make mistakes. The mistake can be an evidentiary error, criminal procedural or sentencing error. If you believe an error has occurred, then your only remedy to get a new trial or have the verdict set aside is to file a writ or appeal the criminal conviction.

Some of the most common reasons to file an appeal are: an evidentiary error was made by the trial judge and a piece of evidence at trial was improperly admitted, refusing to suppress evidence that should have been suppressed under either the state’s constitution or under the United States Constitution or ineffective assistance of counsel by the attorney who handled the trial.

Lately, due to the stricter enforcement by the Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services (BCIS), formerly known as the INS, a number of our clients in Massachusetts are suddenly being served with removal (deportation) notices due to the fact that they plead guilty to a crime that had immigration consequences.

Unfortunately, at the time of the plea to the crime, the Massachusetts attorney who represented them did not advise them of the immigration consequences of a guilty plea to the crime. Many clients are not aware that they do have a remedy if this has happened to them. So they meekly accept the deportation order and leave the United States.

We have successfully appealed these convictions to the higher court and had the convictions amended to an offense that does not result in a removal action or obtained a new trial for the client.

Many people do not realize that a clock starts ticking after a conviction.

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In Boston, Massachusetts, our offices are in Boston & Cambridge.

People who are convicted of a crime must realize that there are certain time sensitive deadlines to file an appeal. Also, these time sensitive deadlines are very short. If these deadlines are not met, this will usually result in loosing the opportunity to file an appeal. The best advice our criminal appellate attorneys can give you is ACT VERY QUICKLY.

We always tell our clients who are considering an appeal to gather as much of their documents regarding the criminal case and have it ready to give us when they hire us. This saves the client, time and money.

If your case involves questions about a criminal appeal in Massachusetts, please contact one of our Massachusetts Criminal Appellate Attorneys immediately! We will be glad to assist you. Please call us immediately at (888) 437-7747 or contact us via our on line form.

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Our Massachusetts criminal appellate attorneys and staff in Massachusetts speak the following languages in addition to English: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Cantonese, Malaysian & Mandarin.

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