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Gang Crimes and Gang Enhancement

Our Massachusetts gang defense attorneys regularly defend clients who are accused of being a member of a criminal gang and are being accused of:

• Murder
• Drug Charges
• Gun Charges
• Robbery
• Prostitution

If you have been accused of being a criminal gang member in Massachusetts you need an attorney who is not going to back down and can think creatively as to the defenses that can be raised in your defense.

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A gang related criminal charge in Massachusetts has much more serious ramifications if the person accused of committing the crime is alleged to be also a gang member. The penalties and jail time are greater simply because the crime is deemed to be gang related.

Prosecutors and police officers frequently charge a person as a gang member in Massachusetts even if they are not a part of a criminal gang. Do not let yourself be labeled as a gang member. If you let the justice system label you as a gang member, this label will follow you for the rest of your life and result in much more scrutiny and penalties. Many times, simply being friendly with someone who is already labeled as a gang member can result in the police and the prosecutor labeling you as a gang member.

The Massachusetts gang defense attorneys of the SRIS Law Group, P.C. who defend clients charged with being part of a criminal street gang or gang related crimes aggressively defend clients charged with these offenses.

A lot of people simply want to be a part of a community and some of the members of that community may be part of a criminal street gang. That does not necessary mean that all members of that community are committing crimes and are actual members of a criminal street gang.

Unfortunately, that does not stop the police in Massachusetts from labeling all members of that community as a gang member.

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In Boston, Massachusetts, our offices are in Boston & Cambridge.

The Massachusetts criminal defense attorneys of SRIS, P.C. are not afraid to represent clients who are charged with being part of a gang or committing a gang related crime.

The media frequently portrays anybody who is accused of a being a gang member as a violent, evil person. This results in people having severe negative impressions of that person. Our Massachusetts criminal defense attorneys are not swayed by the media or public opinion. We believe every client deserves the strongest defense we can mount on their behalf regardless of their affiliation to a group of people.

We take the time to educate the court and the prosecutor that our client is a family member, an honest hard working person trying to earn a living and a member of the community. We also impress upon the court that our client is not a gang member and the fact that our client is an individual who deserves the same level of fairness from the justice system.

Our clients realize that it is critical to have a criminal gang defense attorney in Massachusetts who is comfortable defending clients accused of being a gang member.

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Our Massachusetts attorneys who provide criminal gang defense and staff in Massachusetts speak the following languages in addition to English: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Cantonese, Mandarin & Malaysian.

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