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Massachusetts has laws against the possession, use, manufacture and or distribution of controlled substances (drugs). The drug laws in Massachusetts were enacted to minimize the consumption of illegal drugs, lower drug related crimes and deter repeat offenders and drug dealers. If you have been charged with drug related offense in Loudoun,Massachusetts contact us today to speak with a Massachusetts drug lawyer.

It is against the law in Massachusetts to possess, use, manufacture or distribute schedule I, schedule II, schedule III & schedule IV substances unless specifically authorized to do so by law.

The three factors that determine the punishment of those convicted of a drug crime in Massachusetts are the quantity of the drug, the classification of the drug per the schedules, and the purpose of the drug’s possession.

Production, manufacture and sale of drugs is one of the most serious drug crimes in Massachusetts.

A common acronym for possession with intent to distribute drugs is (PWID).

Massachusetts has drug laws that prohibit using juveniles to distribute drugs, specifically target the sale of drugs to minors, or the sale of drugs on or near school property.

The Massachusetts drug attorneys of the SRIS Law Group, P.C. defend clients who are charged with drug offenses in both Massachusetts state courts & Massachusetts Federal courts. One of the most commonly charged and prosecuted offenses in possession of marijuana.

Possession of marijuana is a class 1 misdemeanor in Massachusetts and is frequently charged by police officers in Massachusetts.

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