Reckless Driving Lawyer Alexandria VA

Reckless driving is such a serious charge in Alexandria VA. It is a criminal case for the persons who do not follow the rules and laws of driving vehicles on the roads. This may cause different types of penalties for you such as license suspension, jail or a great fine.  If you have been charged with reckless driving you should consider hiring a professional lawyer that can fight your case in court. Alone it’s quite difficult for you, the lawyer will help you to beat the charges against you and get you out from all of these charges.

In this articles, we are going to discuss some important reasons that why we need a lawyer for these types of cases.

To Clean Your Criminal Record:

This type of driving is the class 1 misdemeanor. It is the same level of offense as drunk driving. If you have declared an offender then you will have a criminal record that will appear again and again in your background checks as a routine. So here you need to hire a lawyer for you that will help you to clear all the criminal records and all the charges you have on yourself.

Save Your Money:

How can hiring a lawyer can save your money? this is one of the most important and shocking question for you because it is not possible for many people.  There are two possible ways of this

  1. If the lawyer will successfully reduce your charge then the impact on your insurance may be minimized.
  2. If the lawyer successfully obtain a dismissal, then you may need to pay the heavy fine as well

That’s why hiring a lawyer for you can help you a lot in saving money.

Suspension Of Your Driving License:

Due to the charge of reckless driving the license can be suspended almost for six months or more. When the driver’s license will be suspense they will not able to drive their vehicle for the six months that become a big loss for a truck driver or other drivers for whom this is the way of earning. A lawyer may help you to prevent your license from being suspended. So must hire a lawyer for you instead of doing it alone. They will help you to achieve the success and take the charges back to the court.

Driving Record Will Remain Clean:

This is especially important to the persons who are working as a driver or if your employment requires a frequent traveler. The offender of reckless driving adds six points to the driving record of drivers. The too many points can cause the DMV to administratively suspend your license. This type of charges will become dangerous for your future because you may not get the driving job again with this record. The lawyer will help you to get rid of all of these charges and keep your driving record clean.

Save You From Jail:

You may need to face the maximum time in jail for reckless driving is twelve months. It becomes too difficult for you and your family as well. So you must hire a professional lawyer that will help you to clear all the charges against you and save you from jail as a punishment

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