What are the Penalties for Sexual Crimes in Virginia

What are the Penalties for Sexual Crimes in Virginia

Being held by the law enforcement agencies for sexual crimes in Virginia can be frightening. Majority of the guilty people have to go through serious penalties and they are even registered as sex offenders. Therefore, it is important to understand the diverse categories of sexual crimes in the state of Virginia and their respective penalties.

According to the law in Virginia, a sex crime is the execution of any sexual act without the consent of the victim. Rape is often considered a major sexual assault by most people, however, according to the law in Virginia, there are plenty of other sexual crimes, which are mentioned under serious crimes. Normally sexual acts are considered to be the physical contact with the person, however, there are certain situations where one can be charged with a sexual crime without physical contact. For example indecent exposure in front of a school. Hence, below are few common types of sexual crimes in Virginia and their penalties.

The Sex crimes in Virginia are divided into two different categories:

  1. Violent Sexual offenses:
    1. Violent sexual offenses are considered to be the most serious type of crimes where harsh imprisonment will result and the offender will even be registered in a sex offender registry.
  2. Sexual offenses:
    1. Other sexual offenses include child pornography, unlawful photography of adults, and unethical sexual acts with minors. Although the penalties differ from case to case and their severity, in such scenarios, the offender is not subject to much harsh penalties

Rape and Other Violent Sex Crimes

Major sexual crimes are listed under the category of felonies in the books of Virginia law. The law considers these offenses as the major sex-related assault and the punishment is often from 5 years to life imprisonment for violent sex crimes.  The bracket of punishment is huge but the decision of the judge is based on multiple other factors, such as the age of the assaulter, their mental health and the object used for the penetration. However, in any circumstances, the guilty assaulter is subjected to a minimum of five years of imprisonment.

  1. Rape:
    1. Rape is forceful vaginal intercourse with the victim. Rape is considered a felony and rapists are subject to life terms.
  2. Forcible Sodomy
    1. Forcible sodomy is similar to rape and, therefore, it is also categorized as a felony, the assaulter faces harsh imprisonment of minimum 5 years to life imprisonment.
  3. Object Animate or Inanimate Sexual Penetration:
    1. In this the victim is subject to an animate or inanimate object while forceful abuse is taking place. This is considered a felony and the assaulter faces a harsh penalty of 5 years of imprisonment to life
  4. Sexual Battery
    1. Sexual battery means that the assaulter sexually abuses the victim along with a forceful threat.
  5. Infected Sexual Battery

This is when the abuser is aware of AIDs/HIV virus and still engages in sexual activity with the other person to transmit the virus. The laws charge such person with 5 years of imprisonment along with 2500 dollar fine.


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